Jaspreet and Anita met in Naturopathic Medical School through a shared love of medicine and ice cream (Arizona heat, naturally).

They both connected deeply with naturopathic medicine and its balance of medical science and art. Recognizing the significance of the whole person and the body's innate ability to heal, Zip & Zen was brought to life from merging science and essential wellness.

Through the early stages of their medical practices, weddings (one each), child birth (one each and one on the way), and the general ups and downs of life, they found support through each other and their mission to enhance our mind-body connection and crush stress for good.

Dr. Jaspreet Mundeir, ND

Dr. Jaspreet Mundeir is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on blending traditional therapies with evidence-based medicine and laboratory testing. She graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, prior to which, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Davis. She currently teaches Nutrition at CSU East Bay.

Dr. Mundeir is always learning, engaged in achieving wellness throughout her own life. When she’s not formulating groundbreaking supplements, she enjoys baking, cake decorating, and being a struggling suburban gardener.

Dr. Anita Larrow, ND

Dr. Anita Larrow is a licensed doctor who specializes in women’s and family medicine. She graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, prior to which, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Chemistry at Bluffton University. She has a mission to empower women by giving them the tools necessary to handle the more difficult parts of their lives. Even the smallest changes can have the biggest effect on their lives.

When she is not treating patients, Dr. Larrow enjoys spending time with her husband and son, tending to their home garden, and getting lost in a good book.

Zip & Zen was born out of necessity

As naturopathic doctors, the NUMBER ONE CONCERN we hear from our patients is their rising stress levels.

Whether it’s concerns over health needs, finances, or generally feeling unfulfilled, one thing was clear: stress is crushing us.

Our key differences

Nature made

Developed by Naturopathic Doctors, each one of our ingredients is hand picked to take action on a specific pathway in the body.

Tested for purity

We test each supplement lot for the presence of heavy metals or other harmful agents, and the end product is approved for shelf-life stability.

Effective education

Straight from the minds of our founders, we provide ongoing lifestyle recommendations for those that want to incorporate them into their daily routine.

Shift from surviving to thriving

Our custom formulated products address concerns at the root to give you the VIBRANCY AND STRESS-RELIEF you’ve been waiting for.

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better health
  • Improved cortisol response†
  • Decreased stress